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(A complete package to manage your Fringe Benefits Tax requirements)
FastTDS is a user friendly and reliable software designed for use by Chartered Accountants, Tax consultants and Business organizations to deduct Tax at source and to prepare eTDS return.

MAIN Features
  • Define any type of Business to a company.
  • Import Data from Excel, Tally, Text Fie, Dbf and extra.
  • Computations of Direct Benefits and  Deemed Benefits
  • Update Balances with transferring data.
  • Keeping the record Taxes Paid . 
  • Keeping the Self Assessment Taxes .

  • Challan ITNS 283.
  • Bank Challan.
  • Calculation Sheet.
  • Quarterly Calculation Sheet
  • Locked Figures.

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • And many more.............

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MDA Software