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(A complete package to manage your office requirements)
Work-done is a user friendly and reliable software that are basically made for the office managements purpose run on the Local Area Network network in any company.
Work-done has two level of security Login and Administrator. All office work based on innovative WORK TO DO concept. Auto alert for advance adjustment against a particular client at the time. Entire office management covering WORK TO DO/ WORK DONE/ WORK COMPLETED. Management of clients and work done by staffs.
Work-done with auto alert as soon as you login. Easy to disable task at one click. Half-yearly view of calendar with task addition facility. this system has the facility of instant messaging in LAN as well as gives the phone calls for you when user not available in that time, it has scheduler and document reminder also.

MAIN Features
  • Allows to maintain all information about the Company's.
  • Allows to maintain all information about the employee with in a Company.
  • Login and password for each employee
  • Facility for chatting using instant message to one another.
  • Keeping all the information about the document that are received.
  • Keeping all the information about the document that are dispatched.
  • Keeping all the information about the document that are return.
  • POD entry
  • Periodicals Remainder such as birthday or other important work.
  • Phone Call entry.
  • Important Date Reminder.
  • Calenderer that show all information  for today and day allotted for work.
  • Reminder 
    • Our Reminder
    • Reminder set to other
    • Reminder set by other

There is various type of report that are provided by Portfolio Management System. such as
  • Periodicals Reminder Reports.
  • POD Reports
  • Dispatch reports.
  • Inward List
  • Return List
  • Received List 

  • Color Scheme.
  • Client Group Maintains
  • My Birthday.

And other more facility that helps to manage all the back office management to handle the office in the LAN effetely utilization of man power
MDA Software