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Flexible import facility which eliminates the need of data entry, such as :

  • Facility to import data directly from Excel file.
  • Facility to import data directly from dbf (data base file).
  • Facility to import data directly from text file.
  • Facility to import data directly from sdf files (Tally).
  • Enter trial balance and get Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Annexure, Audit Report in desired format.
  • Facility to visually design your Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Account by simple click of mouse buttons.
  • Calculation of Depreciation on Straight Line/w.d.v. method as required.
  • Automatic transfer of Profit / Loss to desired accounts.
  • Option of printing Audit reports of letter head on creating letter head during report Printing.
  • Facility to cater to an unlimited number of clients with unlimited number of Assessment years.
  • Facility to view / print a complete set of Reports from a Single Point.
  • Calculation of interest on Partners Capital Account or any other account at desired rate of interest.
  • Tax Audit Reports-Form 3CD available in a very easy to use format.
  • Tax Audit Annexure available
  • Annexure for Stock
  • Annexure for Section 40 A 2(b)
  • Annexure for section 269 SS
  • Annexure for section 269 T
  • Annexure for Fixed Asset with depreciation as per Income Tax Act.
  • Facility to create any other annexure you may want.
  • Automatic printing of Form 3CA/3CB as applicable. Facility to print qualified 3CA/3CB report.
  • Facility to create own questionnaire or edit Form 3CD if same is changed from time to time.
  • CARO with facility to print qualified point.
  • Audit Report to Shareholders with facility to print qualified point in italics.
  • Fixed Assets Schedule with Gross & Net Block. Facility to calculate depreciation on basis of days.
  • Automatic adjustment of closing stock in Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet.
  • Facility of both Vertical & Horizontal formats of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.
  • Previous year figures (if required) both in Vertical & Horizontal formats.
  • Balance Sheet abstract with automatic updation from Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.
  • Create own Masters of Notes to Accounts, Notice, CARO and select the relevant points for any particular company.
  • Provision for display of Sundry Debtors in grouping under the heads of less than 6 months and more than 6 months.
  • Notice to shareholders with facility to add ordinary business, special business and Notes section according to your needs.