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  • Computation of Income Tax under all heads of Income.
  • Filling of Income Tax return Form.
  • Clubbing of Minor Income under various heads.
  • Facility to estimate Advance Tax.
  • Auto transfer of master data and important information to Next year.
  • Work in Multi-user environment.
  • Design your own computation (A feature which greatly enhances your working flexibility).
  • Facility to export computation and some other report to MS Word.
  • Calculation of Interest u/s 234A, B, C.
  • Total security enabled for multiple use and for use by different users.
  • Accounting facility for small asseesses (Entry through Pass Book and other details as provided by asseesses).
  • Arrear salary calculation form the year 1991.
  • Return register.
  • Return field lists.
  • Pending return lists.
  • Assessment order due lists.
  • Refund orders due lists.
  • Year wise/client wise/Ward wise/ Group wise tabulation of reports.
  • Client history.
  • Automatic calculations.
  • Standard Deduction, HRA, etc.
  • Calculation of allowable amount for interest payable on bossoned capital for house property.
  • Deemed profit us/ 44 AD, 44Ae and , 44 AF].
  • Tax on Long Term Capital Gain as per section 112 and auto application of Index.
  • NSC, KVP, IVP interest as per IT. Act.
  • Adjustment of Tax on account of Agricultural Income.
  • MAT calculation.
  • Automatic set off and carry forward of losses.