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with the help of total quality management.




  • Import bulk data from accounting software/excel.
  • Smart comparing on next import/multiple imports.
  • Automatic preparation of return from based on input data/import data.
  • Get input data from client at a single click.
  • Automatic transfer of invoices to next period return, wherever required.
  • Item, recipient, supplier masters for easy input.
  • Mismatch, ITC credits and other useful reports.
  • Pending actions.
  • Returns filed/pending.
  • Communicate pendency to supplier and recipient via e-mail.
  • Caculation of Tax liability.
  • Managing liability,credit and cash ledgers.
  • Calculation of ITC.
  • Automatic adjustment of ITC, TDS, TCS, payments, Reversal etc.
  • Fetch relevant GSTR automatically for comparison/validation of invoices/data.
  • Automatic action of accept/reject etc. on data received from counterparty's GSTR data validation, match/mismatch handled through artificial intelligence.
  • Validations and auto pre-scrutiny to avoid errors in return forms.
  • Validation of summary from dept. website with input data/software data before final submission
  • Automatic filing of registration/enrollment/return forms at GST site.
  • Informative dashboard for various task management like pending returns, taxes etc.
  • Easy process to get data requiredfor registration/ enrollment/returns from client.
  • Prepare, check and file returns in simple steps.
  • Import data from department website.
  • Smart assistance to handle counter party actions on invoices.
  • All returns can be prepared offline.
  • Controls and alerts for time bound filing through sms/email to client.
  • Authentication of returns through DSC/e-sign incorporated.
  • User management system for multiple logins with permitted access.
  • Sorting, filtering and advanced search mechanisms for organized data.
  • Efficient support system to resolve all your queries/issues.
  • Interaction with your accounting package to eliminate differences between filed data and accounting data/push files created for automatic updation in your accounting software.